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Unlimited Voice Over IP & Video Conference Calls | $0.00 per minute

Cancall.com™ OpenMeetings is a free web service that allows you to easily setup private multi user VoIP and video conferences, worldwide, for both personal and B2B use with no special hardware required. You can use your PC, Laptop, Pad or Flash enabled SmartPhone to share documents, whiteboard, desktop, text chat and record meetings. Eliminate long distance charges entirely no matter where conference participants are located while using advanced features beyond outdated and costly voice only PSTN telephone systems. The adoption of IPv6 will usher in a new era of peer-to-peer application development that will replace the traditional telephone entirely, and offer dedicated IP based mobile communications over 4G networks.

Cancall is currently available to all XMail.net™ users by clicking the "Cancall" button located in the main menu. Multiple conference rooms can be setup and invitations sent to guest users via E-Mail. Guests simply have to click on the Cancall.com conference link included in their E-Mail invitation without requiring a user account themselves.

Conference rooms may be saved making whiteboard, uploaded files and text chat history available in following sessions. Conference sessions use a Flash container allowing for easy firewall/NAT traversal while accessing private networks. Conferences may be held between global users and private networks, and users within the same private network both locally and inter-office locations.


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